The multi-professional group of independent practitioners renders their services from a Christian perspective but do not enforce it on their patients. Alkogen is an officially registered treatment centre. In short follows Alkogen a behavioural genetic approach with an energenetic life as treatment goal to assist people to live as entire persons free from spiritual, psychological and physical bottlenecks. Energenetic = energy production and availability thereof according to the unique genetic composition of each person for the sensible use thereof on spiritual, psychological and physical levels for entire life.

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The concept energy metabolic deficiency means that a deficiency of chemical energy is present aggravating life. EMD is the possible cause that some people cannot develop to entire persons due to their unstable bodies. All human activities (conscious or unconscious) require energy to be executed. EMD can be viewed as a form of spectrum disorder with many masks that are not always easy to understand. In other words, a common factor can lead to various disorders. For an example grandma suffers from obesity, her son suffers from work holism and her granddaughter can be a drug addict. The daughter-in-law is a religious addict that attends all religious gatherings at all costs. Everybody is up in arms about the possible explanation for the granddaughter's sinful and ugly behaviour. All four of these disorders are just a few masks of an underlying EMD that only manifests on different levels and in different ways.

EMD is probably the result of genetic, acquired or induced biochemical problems in the energy metabolic cycle resulting in insufficient chemical energy for physical, psychological or spiritual functioning. EMD differs from normal exhaustion because of its chronic and endure nature and because it does not recover when the so-called triggers are dealt with. It is important to understand the difference between kinetic energy (when a person is actually doing some activity) and chemical energy (that is obtained from the organic energy in food by the metabolic processes). If EMD is not treated, it can result in various pathological disorders. The substrates that probably play an important role in EMD are deficiencies of the cellular energizing coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), derivates of NAD such as NADH and the other co-factors of the energy metabolic cycle.

All treatment is based on voluntary participation and responsibility is mutually shared. Patients arrange their own appointments. On Day 1 treatment commences with the blood tests and medical examination. If blood tests have been done treatment with the drip and supplements starts. A detailed program with scheduled dates is issued. The NAD supplements are supported by extensive treatment, which includes other prescribed medicine, a personal diet, spiritual counselling and individual psychotherapy.

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